Discount Codes for our Favorite Brands

It’s HERE! A whole page dedicated to sharing all of the current discount codes I have for you from my go-to brands. This will be a super easy resource to come back to whenever you need a restock on some staple items or whenever you’re looking to try something new.

I’ve divided them up into:

  • Pantry Items & Snacks
  • Home & Kitchen Favs
  • Beauty, Skincare & Wellness
  • Babies & Pregnancy

So that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Please read each carefully as some are for first-time orders only or are for specific products. I suggest copying and pasting the code in when you checkout so that it is correct.

We will do our best to check on the codes frequently so they’re up to date, but please feel free to leave a comment if you notice that any are not working.


Pantry Items & Snacks

  1. GoMacro Protein Bars: ‘AMBITIOUSKITCHEN’ for 20% off
  2. Alter Eco Chocolate: “AmbitiousKitch20” for 20% off
  3. Wild Friends Nut Butters: ‘AMBITIOUS15’ for 15% off
  4. Ground Up PDX Nut Butters: ‘ak15’ for 15% off
  5. GoHydrate Hydration Mixes: ‘AMBITIOUS’ for 10% off of first-time order
  6. Olipop Soda: ‘AMBITIOUSKITCHEN’ for 15% off first-time orders
  7. Hu Kitchen: ‘AMBITIOUSKITCHEN’ for 20% off orders
  8. Dry Farm Wines: use the link to get an extra bottle in your first box for a penny
  9. Three Wishes Cereal: ‘AMBITIOUSKITCHEN’ for 20% off your order

Home & Kitchen Favorites

  1. Made In Cookware: ‘AMBITIOUS’ for 10% off of your first order of $100 or more
  2. Branch Basics Non-Toxic Cleaning: ‘AK’ for 15% off starter kits
  3. Sonder LA Cutting Boards: ‘ambitiouskitchen15’ for 15% off first-time orders
  4. Boll and Branch Bedding: ‘MONIQUE15’ for 15% off

Beauty, Skincare & Wellness

  1. Volition Beauty: ‘AMBITIOUS15’ for 15% off first time orders
  2. BINTO Vitamins: ‘ambitiouskitchen’ for 20% off your first month
  3. TULA Beauty: ‘AMBITIOUS’ for 15% off
  4. Wellements Vitamins: ‘monique15’ for 15% off

Babies & Pregnancy

  1. Majka Lactation Products: ‘ambitious’ for 10% off first-time orders
  2. Serenity Kids Pouches & Puffs: ‘AK15’ for 15% off
  3. Cerebelly: use the code ‘ambitiouskitchen’ for 25% off first-time orders and 40% off subscriptions